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According to Vogue stylist Cynthia Smith and Jane Micheal Ekanem a wedding stylist, here are common tips on mistakes to avoid and make your dream wedding a reality.


1. Pick a theme and Have a Realistic Budget.
Choose the story you want to tell and ensure everything works with your theme. Be classic and don’t follow the trend. Also bear in mind the cost for your theme and make the budget as realistic as possible. The numbers are very important, make your decisions with the cost implications in mind.

2. Choose your Venue, Décor and Your Guest List Carefully.

Decide on the venue for your wedding, the decor and your guest list very early. This will help your planning and help you take decisions especially regarding your intended guests since you cannot please everyone. Learn to put your foot down because more guests means more spending. 

3. Accept Help If its Offered.

Its not a bad idea to accept financial help from friends and family, if it is offered. But never make the mistake of assuming people will help you with money. Also try to ensure that all who promised financial help brings it to you before the D Day. Remember to allocate a part of your finances to get thank you gifts and phone calls to all who supported you during your wedding. 

4. Dress for yourself and Don’t Conform to Peoples Opinions.

Don’t overdo your hair and makeup. Simply enhance your natural features and style and be comfortable because peoples expectations of how you should look may not suit you. Ensure your bridesmaids as well look unique, pick a shape and colour for each girl after all it’s your BIG DAY!

5. Hire a Vendor.

Its not cool to plan a wedding on your own, so please hire a wedding vendor who will plan and work with your ideas. But remember, the ultimate decision is yours. Also don’t forget to feed your DJ, Caterers, Photographers, Band, Lighting and Sound Techies e.t.c; and above all let them do their jobs!

5. Add Colours to Your Wedding.

Embrace colourful outfits especially at your bridal shower, pre-wedding pictures, changing gowns at reception etc, as the images will add colour to your wedding catalogue. Also you can wear some of these outfits again after the wedding. Who wants to be a waster?

6. Take Care of Yourself!

Don’t lose too much weight. Work out, visit the spa for deep cleansing facials prior to your wedding day. Avoid stress as much as possible. Don’t panic no matter the situation. Avoid getting unnecessarily agitated. If possible, work out on the morning of your wedding because it will calm your nerves.

8. Be Yourself on Your Big Day.

Don’t bother to look picture perfect in your pictures, be yourself and the images will look beautiful. Discuss your picture poses ahead with your photographer, this will help you and your images.

9. There is No Perfect Wedding

No planning is perfect regardless of how much expertise goes into it. Have in mind that mishaps can and will happen, so take it all in good stride. Do not try to control everything just let the day unfold beautifully and most importantly, do not let anything or anyone steal your thunder.

10. Go on Honeymoon

Get ready to disappear with your spouse on your wedding night. It can be to an exclusive destination resort or the nearest hotel for a night. What matters is that you get to spend private time with your spouse after all the stress of the wedding. 

Article credits; Cynthia Smith & Jane Ekanem

Photo Credit; Studio 24

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