Studio 24 is a subsidiary of COLVI LIMITED, a multi-faceted business organization that provides professional photographic and digital imaging services to corporate clients and individuals from all walks of life. ... Our investments span into segments of the tourism, imaging and energy industries.

We are not only photographers and cinematographers – we are a team of storytellers. Our passion is to capture beautiful love stories and tell them through fine art photos and videos. 

our mission

Studio 24 is to be one stop shop providing the whole gamut service from image capture to delivery

our vision

Studio 24 is dedicated to becoming the “Global Leader” in retail imagine and amongst the top ten brands in the Global Creative Industry (Audio, Visual and Entertainment)

It's not just the quality of our work that sets Studio 24 apart from other photography studios. It's also the diversity, creativity and style that is visible in each and every one of our photographs. Each of our photos is a testament to how Studio 24 uses the interaction between light, technology and people to create unique lasting memories

our figures

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